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Created 16-Sep-13
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Cattle branding is a big event on ranches in Montana. The King of Hearts Ranch is located near Bozeman, MT, where they have Corriente cattle. The photos from this gallery are from a branding event in September 2013.
Roping CowboyCowboy boots and the horseCattle Branding-179Cattle Branding-178Cattle Branding-177Cattle Branding-176Cattle Branding-175Cattle Branding-174Cattle Branding-173Cattle Branding-172Cattle Branding-171Cattle Branding-170Cattle Branding-169Cattle Branding-168Cattle Branding-167Cattle Branding-166Cattle Branding-165Cattle Branding-164Cattle Branding-163Cattle Branding-162

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Josh and Angela Chappa(non-registered)
We had a wonderful time at the branding! Now we can reminisce with these beautiful pictures......
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