I am currently doing photo restorations on a limited basis. 

I have been digitally restoring photos for over 18 years, while using the latest version of Photoshop to master my skills.  Quality photo restoration takes time and skill, and I take great pride in restoring a photo to meet the client's expectations.  All work is done by me, in my office, which is located in the Bridger Canyon area near Bozeman.  I never outsource my work.  Furthermore, I work closely with my clients to insure that the restored image meets their expectations.

My rates for photo restoration vary, depending on what is wanted by the client, and what the damage is.  However, my rate can be pro-rated for large jobs.  Using an Epson P800 printer, which uses archival inks, I am able to print the restored photos on high quality paper from Red River®, and often times, similar to the paper of the original image. 

My greatest challenge in photo restoration was when I worked with Operation Photo Rescue to restore photos damaged by Hurricane Katrina.  It was also my greatest reward, returning cherished photos back to the people who had lost so much.  Through my involvement with Operation Photo Rescue, I have gained extensive experience in restoring photos damaged by water.  Furthermore, I have restored photos damaged by fire, smoke, age and neglect, as well as flooding.  More samples of my work can be seen in the "Digital Art" folder > Photo Restoration Gallery.

Please give me a call at 406-209-7775 if you have photos you would like me to restore, or if you have questions. 

Removal of a person from image.