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Created 3-Jun-13
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Bull Elk  in Yellowstone National ParkSchwabacher Landing in the TetonsOxbow Bend in JuneYellowstone Arch EntranceBuried in the SnowCoyotes in Yellowstone National parkThree Bison in YellowstoneYellowstone in Winter-1Two coyotes in YellowstoneA snow covered river in Yellowstone National Park in JanuaryA Bison running through the deep snow in YellowstoneYellowstone River in the ParkCrossing the River in YellowstoneBull bison during rutBison Rolling in the DirtAutumn in YellowstoneBison grazing in the plains of YellowstoneSnake River beneath the TetonsOxbow BendMoose Tranquility

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